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Since my early years I’ve had a real passion for beauty, lifestyle and makeup. As all of you familiar with my YouTube productions will know, I find inspiration from many different sources. When it comes to the establishment of Noble Nordic, I have been working extremely closely with a team of industry experts over the past two years. They have extensive experience in producing a huge variety of beauty products. They also have the best labs, alongside offices in Europe and internationally. We spend a great deal of time together to make sure products not only look great, but deliver the best performance.


I quickly realised that to bring my brand to life I would need to hook up with a design team that also could help me with the production and campaign. After researching the market I came across Lise Goth Fischer, the founder of Alba Beauty. Lise and her team know the beauty industry first-hand from having worked at leading houses like L’Oreal and Estée Lauder in Copenhagen, London and New York. It’s important to me that everyone I work with feels like an extension of family, while there’s a serious side to the business, it should also be fun. With Lise and her team I look forward to work every day.

During trips to London, Lise introduced me to Bethan Williams and Fran Brown, the three of them had worked together on many international beauty projects over the years so there was a wealth of experience between them, but also they had an amazing sense of camaraderie. It was infectious, and I knew they were my kind of people from the start! In addition to my core team, I also consulted wth many industry experts including Noelle Shine who had previously worked with Charlotte Tilbury and Boots in the UK.

We have regular meetings, some more formal in London for strategy, some more laidback at my apartment for brainstorming, and we shoot our product images in London and lifestyle images in Denmark. Noble Nordic is a Danish brand so it’s important to capture lifestyle images in my home surroundings.


Lise is my right hand! Despite running her own company she has totally immersed herself into bringing this brand to life. She’s the brand’s manager, with her finger on the pulse of every detail - strategy, manufacturing, design, marketing, press, events and just about every aspect! She has lived between England and Denmark, working for both L’Oreal and Estée Lauder before creating a beauty private label business with highly experienced industry experts and created millions of products.

Bethan is my international beauty guru, she has all the information I could need at her fingertips, there’s nothing she doesn't know about the industry, products, trends and how to build a brand, she’s like a whirlwind of knowledge. Not only was she Managing Director of NARS and lived in New York while working as an international beauty buyer, but she travelled the globe as Vice President for Jo Malone launching both China and Korea. Her brand portfolio also includes MAC, one of my early makeup influences.

Fran is my storyteller and key in helping me deliver my vision through words and imagery. Specialising in creative concepts, she’s a respected art director, copywriter and fragrance designer. It’s her expertise to bring ideas to life through words, visuals or scent. Her portfolio includes Jo Malone, L’Occitane and The White Company. She’s also worked for more niche brands such as Urban Apothecary and Rouge Bunny Rouge.


I would say it’s extremely collaborative. The team enhances my vision, staying true to how I want products to perform and look, or how the brand should feel. For example, it’s not industry practise to launch with products such as makeup brushes and face masks, but for me it made sense as Noble Nordic is about a philosophy first with the ‘tools’ at the heart.

I set the parameters of what we absolutely must have, so for the brushes I wanted them easy to use and versatile, with expert design in the angles, density, shape and size, and lastly that they were affordable. With the face masks it was all about that one key ingredient for each of them, inspired by what I like to eat or drink for good health. Next step… the team come back with ideas that we explore together – whether a variety of brush handle lengths to see what would give the best application, or trying different formulas for the masks to see what really made a difference to our skin. We are always in the design studio or down at the labs, I’m very hands on! When I feel like we’ve created the perfect piece, then and only then will I sign off!

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