My Philosophy

From an early age I had a fearless beauty approach, using makeup in a positive way to reveal more of myself not less, and changing looks in tune with how I felt each day.

In 2015, I began sharing my desire to create authentic beauty products for real women with a team of cosmetic experts. They helped me breathe life into my vision of a collection with the perfect tools at its heart. Two years later Noble Nordic launched with my makeup brushes and face masks, closely followed by the lip range.

Growing up, family was important to me, and continues to be a constant source of inspiration. Both my parents and grandparents take an entrepreneurial approach to life and have encouraged me to follow my heart. My Grandma was a huge influence, she’s very glamorous and loves luxurious makeup; I still have one of her original Dior palettes she gave me.

From a young age I loved makeup, experimenting with different looks to express myself. While my brother could recount all the players of his favorite football team, I knew all the names of my MAC lipstick collection! When I received my first range of makeup brushes I saw how the right tools made such a difference, and that with a change of lip colour or by dialling mascara up or down, I could create different makeup moods. It was all of these moments that became the foundation for Noble Nordic.

Now I encourage everyone to explore their own beauty adventure and match makeup to their moods.

Why Brushes?

Inspire Library

Noble Nordic embodies my philosophy of wearing makeup to express how you feel, it's about being positive and revealing more of yourself, not less. That's why it's important to me that my symbols are woven throughout as they inspire me with positivity every day. I hope my quotes also keep you feeling strong, positive, brave and adventurous!


Be Strong

"Being unique is better than perfect"

A cactus grows in impossibly harsh terrain and flourishes despite these conditions. With a positive approach you can overcome hard times. Keep on growing. Be Strong.


Be Brave

"Be brave, be strong, be badass"

The beautiful moon and stars are never afraid to come out at night. When times are tough look for the light and feel empowered. Be Brave.


Be Positive

"Be the best version of you"

Sunflowers always stretch towards the light, their cheery petals exude happiness and optimism. Choose to face the sun. Be Positive.


Be Adventurous

"Oh darling, let’s be adventurers"

The world is waiting. Why not challenge yourself a little every day, stepping beyond your comfort zone. Don’t let anything stop you. Be Adventurous.

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