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A little over a week since my Noble Nordic launch party and I’m still buzzing! I think I might be for a while! The brand planning was such a long time in the works I was bursting with excitement to finally be able to reveal my secret project.

This week I want to make a big shout out to all of you! Thank you so much for your support, and for those who I didn’t get to celebrate with at the party, I wanted to share some of the best moments with you.

It was hard to decide where I should hold the party, we saw many different venues and each one had its own vibe. When I walked into Mosto I just got that feeling that it was right, and I could visualize the mood we could create, I wanted a cozy hang-out feeling that was fun, lively and inviting, Mosto was all of those things.

You all know I adore sunflowers, but I actually appreciate all flowers, who doesn’t! I also really love the sentiment behind the expression - don’t forget to stop and smell the roses - with how busy I was on the run up to the launch, I wanted to make sure I stopped and enjoyed every moment of the celebration. We created a mini flower market and placed my quotes amongst them. This way guests could breathe in the fabulous scent and hopefully, like I always do, get a little positive boost from the inspirations.

I still can’t believe it when I see queues and crowds at any of my events, I never take it for granted! It was so amazing to see all my friends turn up to support me and so ready to party and have fun! I’ll never forget that moment.

My Strictly friends turned up in force, it was so fabulous to spend time with them again, we developed such strong bonds over the weeks of dancing. My dance partner Freddie as always was full of life, he’s just one of those people with a sense of fun that’s infectious.

Those of you who follow me, know I like to talk, it was so great to tell the story behind the brand and my team, and have an opportunity to thank everyone involved. It was very emotional, I was still taking it all in that we were finally launching!

For me, the launch had that New Year’s Eve party vibe, everyone was in great spirits and a celebratory mood! We even had a countdown to the moment the website went live, it was the best feeling ever!

The morning after the launch was just as exciting, we had received thousands of orders through the night. Once again, my family and the design team joined me at the warehouse to pack the first 100 orders.

I am so happy to see that you like all the products. Until now, the 3 favorites are: For the kits it was The Brush Perfect Complexion Kit, while the favorite individual brush was the Perfection Finisher. The most requested mask was the Orange. I wonder if over the coming weeks we’ll see different favorites. Let me know yours!

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