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It’s the last Babble before Christmas! Like you, I’ve been thinking about what will make the perfect gift for family and friends and bring a little joy. It has made me remember the best gift I ever received…

It was my first ever makeup brushes! They had black handles and pink brush heads and were so much fun, they started my passion for brushes. They've been well used over the years, but I will always keep them!

Next, when I was twelve, I was given a gift of a 25-piece brush collection. I was so excited and couldn't wait to start trying them out. This more professional set allowed me to really play with my makeup application and I quickly saw a real difference in my makeup finish. It was my aha moment! It’s this personal journey that’s at the heart of my own makeup brushes, and the reason why it was so important for me to launch with them first.

It was so amazing to create the brief for the brushes, with my years of experience I knew exactly what I wanted - the best type of brush head and handle shapes to include, versatility and ease of use, and animal friendly synthetic hair.

I tested a ton of brushes to make sure the final ones delivered great results easily. I want everyone to get brushing like a pro in no time! I also wanted my brushes to look stylish, they are something you use every day and it’s just nice that they also look fabulous and enticing. I love the way the light colored tips add a subtle visual twist, but also this feature allows you to see exactly how much product you’re using. This way you can pick up just the right amount and add color gradually, avoiding applying too much in one go, it’s always easier to build-up than take away.

As for whether you need the complete collection of 12 brushes, I really believe if you have them all, you can turn a good make over into an awesome one. If this seems like a big jump to make, then start with a few key brushes and you’ll quickly gain confidence once you see results. To make it easy to get going I created my brush kits to focus on three of the areas I am most often asked for help on – creating gorgeous seamless eyes, the perfect flawless complexion, and how to contour.

I encourage you to discover the brilliance of brushes and what a difference they can make, maybe even fall a little in love with brushes just like I did! This year, I will be gifting the sets of four brushes, and of course the collection of 12, the ultimate gift, to those I want to spoil, and in doing so I really hope to pass the love on! But shhh don't tell!

Have a fabulous Christmas everyone!

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