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When I started using makeup, mascara was one of the first things I experimented with. I was always testing different types but could never find the perfect one. That’s why I can say from the bottom of my heart that you’re looking at the best of them now.

“Hey Friends! My do-it-all mascara can work for everyone. Have a fab-u-lash day!”

"You’re all my friends! That’s why my mascara had to be perfect. Hey Friends! is the well-loved, reliable friend in my makeup bag.”

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What is it

A lengthening, lash defining black mascara that’s long-lasting with no-smudge, no-clumps. The formula (paraben free) is able to hold lash shape and curl even when it’s humid, and it is also water resistant.

What’s the magic

The extra magic is in the curvy wand. It has a built-in curling effect as you apply and matches every eye shape, this, teamed with a flexible lash-loving formula gives perfect lashes every time.

How do I use it

So easy to apply. Hold the brush curve to your lashes so it matches the natural eye shape. Sweep from root to tip and gently wiggle from side to side to help define and lengthen. Build to create the drama you want.

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