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Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year as it is all about family, being together, candles and lots of hygge all day long.

This year will be extra special as it has been so busy and my family have been extra supportive. With the launch of Noble Nordic my family have set a new level of hard work and understanding. Mum is always my rock and understands when I need to chat things through or just guide me. Dad is now found every morning in the new packing area sending out our lovely products to you! Even my cousin Mark has joined on the tech side making sure we are up to date and everything runs smoothly on the web. We are already a close family but we now have a project that we are all engaged in and loving!

Of course we will share gifts and I have been trying to find the best gifts to really show my love and appreciation to my wonderful family.

We are a close family and every Sunday during Advent we all gather together for brunch-its such a wonderful time to share leading up to Christmas itself. The cold makes us want to gather together and that makes the whole month a wonderful time of closeness and sharing.

We have many traditions during the Christmas period - my favorite one is on the 23rd of December as we all hangout together, bake the food we all love, play the same old Christmas songs and we watch (again!!) our ultimate Christmas movie: FARS FEDE JULEFERIE. In the evening we eat risengrød and put out some for the nisse Sofus who always come at night and leave one present for every one to open on the morning of the 24th.

Xmas eve will be huge this year, we will spend it at my grandmothers - all the Danish and American family will join.

Today it's Friday and I'm looking forward to a night out, getting ready to party is part of the fun for me. My evening will begin with applying my wonderful hydrating and brightening cucumber mask.

It’s surprising just how good the humble cucumber is, containing vitamin C, fiber, magnesium and potassium, there’s no end of benefits for the skin

As I am feeling lively, bold, and full of Christmas spirit, I'm going to apply my Sassy and Feminine look! Feeling ‘sassy’ is so cool, a sassy lady is not afraid to do her own thing. Everyone may have a different interpretation of how this looks in makeup, you can dial-up your sassy-metre from softly Sassy & Feminine to bold Sassy & Feminine. It’s your call! Click on on to my video and get sassy yourself.

And don’t forget to listen to my favorite Christmas song by Chris Rea - "Driving home for Christmas."

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