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I wholeheartedly believe you need 12 brushes for makeup magic! But I understand if you are new to makeup or confused by which brushes do what. If you’re a little brush curious there’s no reason why you can’t start with one, but which one?

THE MULTI TASKER! It’s the best starter brush and beginners BFF. It’s easy-peasy to use and while it won’t do it all, it can do a lot. It’s the most multipurpose face brush out there because it works with any product. The shape allows you to blend, blend, blend and the synthetic bristles are tapered so you can contour, highlight or blush. It’s so versatile it can also be used on the body - try sweeping a little bronzer over collarbones to highlight and add glow, it looks really pretty.

Here’s what you need to know about my MT! The shape of the brush head is tapered and full for precise and easy blending, don't worry, it’s designed to be the expert, but in no time you’ll be feeling like one. Use it to blur and blend on cheeks, nose and forehead, it will soften everything nicely so no hard lines. Pick up a little product on the tip of the brush, apply, then blend upwards in swirls to set your makeup and blur foundation, powder and concealer together for your perfect finish. Check out my video to see how I use the Multi Tasker and get the best results.

Once you’ve had a go, gained some confidence, and seen the difference the right brush for the job makes, you’ll be ready for another! The Multi Tasker works with The Flawless Foundation, The Face Lifter and The Foolproof Definer. That’s why I put these four together in The Brush Perfect Complexion Kit, so you can blend, color, contour and sculpt – it’s everything you need for complexion perfection and gorgeously defined features. A kit can be your best beauty investment.

All my brushes are made of supple, synthetic bristles, you’ll get the most out of your makeup application with them. They are also as soft as velvet on the skin and feel so good.
So brush away those January blues! Get happy with your look and you’ll be positively glowing through winter!

And just a quick last note… I am so thrilled! I’ve been nominated in the ‘webstar’ category for this year’s Zulu Awards which runs on the 31st of January, it would be so great if you want to support me and make your vote! Wish me luck!

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